About us

All of our clients have something in common

Although having different responsibilities in health care and offering a variety of products and services, all of our clients have something in common: the aspiration to improve health care. They want to earn money in the process, but their motivation is to offer something that, as a result, reduces the burden of patients and promises healing. We advise and support our clients to succeed in matters of market access and reimbursement.

As experts in health care and political decision-making, we passionately help our clients implement their concerns politically. That includes understanding the underlying matter thoroughly, and translating it into a political argument. In our work, we constantly go into depth. Thus, we strive for solutions that improve health care.

We mediate between the actors and theirs interests in German health care sector

We approach our clients’ challenges with specific solutions. In doing so, we seek to combine two perspectives:

    1. Our clients’ request for market access and reimbursement of their services.
    2. The legislators’ and regulatory authorities’ need for cost efficiency and proof of benefit.

    We have over 15 years of experience

    Pathways Public Health is a strategic consultancy for health care. Together with our clients, we develop tailored solutions to make them successful in the German health and care sector.

    Pathways emerged from Steltemeier & Rawe GmbH, which was founded in 2001. Steltemeier & Rawe started as a strategic business consultancy in partnership in order to develop and implement strategies for complex political decision-making processes. Due to the highly specialised nature of legislation and regulation in the health and care sector, Steltemeier & Rawe has combined their skills and clients into Pathways Public Health GmbH in 2013 (until September 30th, 2015: Steltemeier & Rawe Public Health).

    Our approach isn’t determined by the question of existing access, but rather by the underlying problem.“

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